League of Legends: Top Lane Tier List For Patch 10.22

Are you looking for top lane tier list for League of Legends patch 10.22? If ‘YES’ then you are at the right place. Top lane needs players to have patience and map awareness throughout the game as they go toe-to-toe with their lane opponents while seeking out the next Teleport opportunity. In Patch 10.22 top lane tier list, only champions that perform excellent not only in 1v1s but also team fights will make their way in S-Tier.

In previous patches, there are multiple champions such as Darius, Jax and Camille, who had dominated the top line tier list because of their ability to fight with their lane opponent and create an early gold lead. However, in Patch 10.22 top lane tier list, those champions have been subjected to heavy nerfs or have fallen short because of their lack of team-fight presence, which has diversified the champion pool in the latest meta.

There are only two Champions (Lulu and Nasus), who were adjusted in the Patch 10.22 notes. Notably, Lulu’s Glitterlance base damage has been reduced to limit her impact in the top lane while Nasus’ fury of the sands witnessed its bonus resistance increased in an attempt to reintroduce the champion to the meta.

Here’s a complete tier list of all the best top laners based on their rate, pick rate, and ban rate on Patch 10.22:

Top Lane Tier List for Patch 10.22


Top Lane Tier List


The God Tier has been reserved for champions in the current meta. What all you need to do is to select any of the above-mentioned champions from our tier list, ensuring yourself with an ideal champion that is performing incredible at the moment.

The Top Lane Tier List for LoL

We have compiled a complete list of the Top lane-specific champions based on their skills ranking the current meta of League of Legends. Notably, the follower order has been defined by tons of games played in every Rank. So, you have an option to select which Tier list for the top lane you wish to see in Bronze through to Diamond and above. The tier list for the top lane in LoG is actually created with Platinum and Gold ranked data.

Which champions should you play in Top Lane?

Shen, Lulu and Fiora are the most selected Champion for Top Lane. When it comes to the most used Roles for Top Lane, it is Fighter and Tank. This Tier List for LoL is specifically created for Top Lane, for other positions including Mid Lane Tier List and ADC Tier List.


Top Lane Tier List


These champions are a 100% perfect to take in the current patch 10.6, which is reserved for powerful champions.


Top Lane Tier List


Champions coming in B-Tier are now on the middle ground of the current Meta and you should feel proud playing with them.

C Tier

Top Lane Tier List


As compare to Tier S, A and B, Champions in C-tier are not great. However, their stats promise that they still can do good with.

D Tier

Top Lane Tier List

D-Tier is the lowest on Top Lane Tier List for Patch 10.22. All champions in D-Tier are not as good as the tiers we have mentioned above.

League of Legends: Top Lane Tier List For Patch 10.22

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