FFXIV: Best DPS Class Tier List – Patch 5.4 (June 2021)

FFXIV Best DPS Classes

Are you looking for FFXIV class tier list or struggling to find FFXIV best DPS? If your answer is “YES” then you have come to the perfect place. This guide will surely be useful for you even if you are new to FFXIV. In this guide, we will not only be talking about the best FFXIV DPS but also explain the reason why they are great and made it to the tier list for Patch 5.4 of FFXIV.

There are 10 DPS classes in FF14, with each different range of spells and playstyles. If you are wondering which DPS should you use in FFXIV then keep reading this guide. Before we explain each and everything, let me tell you that out FFXIV class tier list is based on our personal experience.

DPS Tier List for FFXIV 5.4 – 2021

Tier 1 — Samurai (You look cool and hit hard)

Samurai is a melee DPS, which works around two gauges — The Sen and The Kenki. For the unversed, The Sen is a three-part gauge, which can be filled by using particular combos. It allows users to reveal special attacks based on which Sen you have. It is one of the easiest Samurai to pick up in FFXIV. If you want to start playing as a DPS then Samurai would be the great option, to begin with.

Tier 2 — Summoner (You can have a Bahamut too)

You must be wondering why we have put Summoner is our FFXIV class tier list. If that’s the case then you should know that it has a few significant points such as the level of your Summoner and Scholar is shared. If you wish to level up your Scholar to level 60 and want to be a DPS then you must know that your Summoner is 60 as well.

Notably, the rotation of Summoner is way long and remembering while dodging two hundred AOEs and resurrecting your dead Dragon would be a lot difficult task. It deals a lot of damage so, it would be better if you use it correctly.

Tier 3 — Black Mage (Explosions! You can’t move tho)

Black Mage is focused on managing your mana the best you can to unleash devastating spells at the cost of mobility. It is the best class to shout “Healer Adjust” to your party, you will have to stay put to cast your long spells. You will get mana back by using ice spells and your fire spells will cost a lot of it but will be very effective.

Lastly, Black Mage is arguably the best to play.

Tier 4 — Dancer — (Support your allies in style)

Dancer is popularly known as a “Support DPS’. Since you can access to spells at any time, you can buff your party and dances, providing damage upgrades to your dance partner. This does not mean that you would not able to deal with damages. There are two types of rotations in Dancer — close range and long range.

Tier 5 — Machinist — (Guns, Turrets and a lot of damage)

Machinist is arguably the best range DPS in FFXIV. The best thing about Machinist is you can access to massive attacks even if your first AOEs are obtained after a while. Notably, you will be able to shoot and walk simultaneously. If you want to have a lot of fun then Machinist must be on your list.

This might be very common DPS in FF14 but it is an amazing option. The rotation will get better once you have got your big robot and a few last spells.

Tier 6 — Bard — (You can play music too!)

Similar to Dancer, Bard is also a support DPS. Yes, it has the potential to deal a lot of damage. There are three songs in bard that you can use while applying multiple buffs to your team and granting you access to powerful attacks. You also have an option to move while attacking.

This could be a bit frustrating but it will be a very accessible job letting you relax and help your team.

Tier 7 — Dragoon (That’s a cool armour you got there)

Dragoon is also a job that can help you a deal massive damage or reposition during a fight. The biggest drawback of this job is you might get killed during a jump. You may jump off the arena as well directly in an AOE, or just not being able to jump at all.

Notably, you will get your first jump only when you reach at level 30 and the more you level up the more jumps you will get. Dragoon comes around level 80. This means that when you get into a low-level dungeon in your roulettes you’ll be stuck with a lot less funny class.It should be noted that while playing at Level 70 or more, Dungeons or content in general, Dragoon is a very fun class, which deals massive damage. Make sure to do practice to make the jump 100% perfect.

Tier 8 — Monk (Dancing around the enemy)

There are certain reasons why Monk is quite low in FFXIV class tier list. One such reason is it is very difficult to begin playing it before being used to FFXIV mechanics. It deals massive damage and quite funny to play when you actually know how the combo works as the class focus on striking fast and hard.

It is one of the best FFXIV class if you get to master it but you will have to sit and give it time, as it is not really an easy job for a new player.

Tier 9 — Ninja (Master of the Ninjutsu)

Ninja focus on using Mudras to cast Ninjutsu. What makes Ninjutsu quite difficult job is it deals a lot of damage, AOEs, defence break or team utility. If you are a new player, Ninjutsu could be very complicated as you will have to be in melee range, manage your mudras while progressing and keep attacking as well doing mechanics if the boss has any.However, it would be quite funny as long as you put some time into it. Notably, if you just started playing, you may be lost at any moment.

Tier 10 — Red Mage (Melee and magic)

The majority of Red Mage’s attack looks cool. The job of Red Mage is to use a sequence of long and instant casts before entering a melee phase. The primary motive of this job is to keep your black and white magic gauges filled perfectly to cast powerful spells.

The only reason why most of the people call it Res Mage is it has the ability to resurrect players using its instant casts. This means that when your team is dying, they might want you to be resurrecting people, taking time on your rotation and therefore getting lost or losing damage.

Now, you must have understood each and everything about DPS and class in this game.
FFXIV: Best DPS Class Tier List – Patch 5.4 (June 2021)

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